Jon Nicholson
Vocalist / Percussionist

This interpretation of The Joker is the brainchild of sonic entity Atom Stranger, a band made up of a trio of drummers  It's a live version that drum-geeks Jon Nicholson, Roy Gnan and Andrew Mills recorded one hot summer night in 1999 at the home studio of mixing guru Dave Way (of Sheryl Crow, Janet Jackson and Ringo fame).  The song was recorded in a single pass, with a vocal overdub -- which is no small feat considering the myriad of instrumentation and yummy production value.

"All the sounds are being triggered from drum pads," Nicholson laughs, "remote keyboards and drums. LOTS of drums. We played it all, mostly with sticks."  There's only one actual 4-second sample from Steve Miller's original masterpiece, but it was one of the first things Nicholson ever sampled.  "I always loved that song," Nicholson smiles, "and that four second sample already had so much vibe on its own."

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THE JOKER: An Experiment in Horror
Music Video, Jon Nicholson with Atom Stranger
Directed by Chantal Boccaccio, No Fly Zone Pictures

... because everyone could use a little head...

An Experiment in Horror is the director's homage to two cinematic rogues: filmmakers Sam Fuller & Joseph Green. The self-financed No Fly Zone filmmakers empathize with the struggles of Fuller, Green and their ilk. This work is a tribute to the spirit of making movies with balls.

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