“Hover Me? They were hot and scantily clad. 'Nuff said.” Bob Pettee, Pilot

“I don’t want to walk onto a set and have to guess who the fucking director is.” Rob Lowe, Actor

“I asked the Deputy District Attorney to drop the charges.” Mike Boguslawski, Consumer Advocate Reporter

I never knew what was real and what was fake, but I found it all very disturbing.” Missing Cameraman

“Every actor needs to create a scandal at some point...” Jack Nicholson, Actor

“Our movie is destroying lives.”-- Overheard on the set of RAPTURE

"This has been the most dysfunctional experience I've ever had." Brian Dean, Brave New Network!

“I should have agreed to mentor Chantal, she said she was gonna rip me off anyway.” Richard Fleischer, Director

Actual Quotes that give Inspiration

“It’s like ‘Tadpole’ except a girl instead of a boy, and helicopters instead of hands!” Chantal Boccaccio, in a pitch to WMA Super Agent Steve Weiss, (which resulted in a stalking charge)

“… I love things that are bigger than life and multi-layered.” Jerry Bruckheimer, Film Director

“You don’t know how this town works! You people are a bunch of mutha-f*#king amateurs!” Unknown Hollywood Producer (and personal friend of Howard Stern.)

“I feel like you just slipped me some acid. I’m so confused by all of this.” Grant, Production Assistant

"I will at least make known to the public how I feel
that No Fly Zone is not good to work with..."
--Ito, manservant to Unsigned Singer


“Oh, please God, I beg of you, you simply must
get me to a freeway immediately!”

Victoria Redstall, Helicopter Girl


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