Victoria Redstall star of Helicopter Girl (aka Rapture,) is to give an interview to discuss her relationship with serial killer Wayne Adam Ford, on the TV show "Inside Edition" today August 9, 2006.

Just how the interview plays out will be up to the editors and the segment director.

Local radio programming heroes John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of The John and Ken Show, played played bits of the Court TV interview and thoroughly vetted the story as best they could through out their 3 hour broadcast with phone calls.

No one with No Fly Zone Pictures made it on to the show.

Hopefully Victoria will be interviewed by them.

The August 2nd show is in three parts, for each hour of the show. Each hour is increasingly entertaining and fans will no doubt want to hear the whole show.

Podcast available at the KFi On Demand web page at the almost free price of an e-mail address.

Victoria also appeared on the cable news network show, Scarborough's Country.

Joe's lead stories included Mel Gibson's DUI and associated rhetoric and related that story to a mini series of segments of a young volunteer producer drinking alcohol throughout the show. (He didn't look very good at the end, TV studio lighting and lack of makeup and alcohol don't mix well either.)

The "story," being what appeared to be an off-the-shelf-for-emergencies-only back up story about Joe missing the privilege of commanding Congressional elevators. Did MS-NBC get scared off the story like tabloid website TMZ.com?

Helicopter Girl is the experimental film is so dark that the ending cannot be told to anyone, and will surely land Victoria Redstall on the silver screen on the film festival circuit.

Download the promotional film to your pod, click here.

Shakespearean-trained, British Bombshell Victoria Redstall is the only actress in North America who could possibly conquer the complexities of the role the first time directors have crafted for her.

Watch the music video, "The Helicopter Girl Song" from Jon of Simpler Machine fame.

Helicopter Girl is a No Fly Zone Pictures experimental art film and includes a music video "The Helicopter Girl Song" and the feature length "Hover Me: The Making of Helicopter Girl"

• Victoria's past credits •

The Mermaid in the feature film, Uh-Oh!

The soap opera Sunset Beach

Ultimate Revenge, Reality TV

Spokes-model for Gro-Bust featured in various ad copy including an on-demand PODcast


Director of Photography Thom Pawlowski was sighted in town. Please help us find him, click here for more information.


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released 8.9.06 UPDATED: 8-23-06

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