The star of Helicopter Girl, Victoria Redstall, the former Gro-Bust Spokesmodel, stars in this music video, The Helicopter Girl Song, from the documentary Hover Me • The Making of Helicopter Girl.

Found on the hard drives of Director Boccaccio, it's believed the film-makers used a song from their next-door neighbor Jon Nicholson and sampled Victoria Redstall's voice mail messages to spawn a bastard bubblegum pop song -- to promote their Hollywood Art Film, "Helicopter Girl."

This music video shows the talents of the women guerilla filmmaker's ability to make use of the limited resources associated with independent filmmaking.

The documentary, HOVER ME: The Making of Helicopter Girl, will include this helicopter footage as it documents the filming and shows how this experimental art film was made one summer in Hollywood, California.

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"The Helicopter Girl Song"

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