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"Follow your dreams. No matter how many people you have to take out on the way down."

Filmmakers Jennifer Barlow and Chantal Boccaccio to a Weekly World News reporter.

E-mail the Guerilla filmmakers and partners, Jennifer Barlow and Chantal Boccaccio who are currently in post-production of their experimental art film, "Helicopter Girl," staring Victoria Redstall. With additional pickups to be shot by year's end.

The No Fly Zone feature film HOVER ME: The Making of Helicopter Girl documents the events up to the final days of production.

The 2 women directors are cooperating with authorities as they continue to provide clues to crimes committed during production of their art film, Helicopter Girl, a.k.a. Rapture.

During production Barlow and Boccaccio engaged in a spree of robberies, kidnapped a child and set fire to

The D. P. of the Helicopter Girl Project, Thom Pawlowski, was last seen on the Louisiana Bayou, fearing his association with the three women would lead to dire legal ramifications.

However, with documentary filmmaker Victoria Redstall's relationship with serial killer Wayne Adam Ford replacing Pawlowski in the spotlight, we expect Thom to emerge out of the Louisiana marsh with additional fodder for Helicopter Girl.

We also suspect he'll continue his budding career as a foot model.

Please contact us if you have seen our D.P. or an ad that features his feet.

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