Production Stills

Thom Pawlowski
Director of Photography

Hollywood, CA

Thomas Pawlowski is the principle director of photography on the art film "Helicopter Girl," aka-RAPTURE, the experimental art film in the cutting edge documentary entitled, HOVER ME: The Making of Helicopter Girl, under the direction of guerilla filmmakers Chantal Boccaccio and Jennifer Barlow.

An abundance of stock photography shot by Thomas in Los Angeles since 2000 will be used in the production of Hover Me. A sample of Thom's' cinematography can be seen in the music video, "The Helicopter Girl Song."

Pawlowski's other projects include a documentary on The Louisiana Dead Zone, aka - water hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico. An extremely large patch water stretching west from New Orleans at the mouth of the Mississippi River to Texas, so devoid of oxygen as unable to support marine life.

While in southern California Pawlowski has been busy shooting the wild-life: motor-cross, daredevil stunts and rock and roll meeting the bands Simpler Machine, The Toledo Show, Jason Jones and Which's Ones Pink? with impending missions to film the band 8mm and recurring operations with Space Rex.

Thom may be available to shoot for your multimedia projects if we can find him. We believe he has additional footage from Helicopter Girl and may be working as a foot model.

Contact No Fly Zone Pictures to inquire.

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The Helicopter Girl Song
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